Events / Outings

The Lady Vanishes - Thursday, March 28th 2019 at 2.30 pm




Our three U3As have joined together for the first of several outings, in what we hope will be a successful partnership sharing experiences and expertise.

All members are invited to the Churchill Theatre, Bromley for a super new production of


Thursday, March 28th 2019 at 2.30 pm

Remember the classic 1939 Hitchcock film starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave? In 2019 the masterpiece will be brought to life in a new adaptation by the Classic Thriller Company, masters of the stage thriller, and is an event not to be missed.

Socialite Iris is travelling home to England on the train when an accident introduces her to the mild-mannered Miss Froy. After her travelling companion suddenly disappears, Iris is perplexed to find that all the other passengers deny ever having seen her. With the help of urbane musician Max she turns detective and together they become drawn into a complex web of European intrigue as they try to solve the mystery of why the lady vanished.

To make the most of our time in Bromley, the coach will leave Asda’s in Kings Hill at 10 am, arriving in Bromley by about 11 am. There will be time for some shopping and a leisurely lunch in one of the many excellent local restaurants, before taking our seats in the theatre for the matinee which begins at 2.30 pm. All the seats are centre stalls. The coach will return to Kings Hill immediately after the performance.

For those who are not familiar with West Malling, there is ample, free parking in the Asda car park, but members are requested to use the parking spaces away from the store’s entrance. The Brookline coach will wait on the main road outside the store.

We have been fortunate in reserving tickets with a group discount, but these have to be paid for by the middle of November, so early booking is advised

The cost per member for the coach, theatre ticket and driver’s tip is £35.50, payable by cheque to Malling District U3A, no later than Monday November 12th 2018.


The leader on this outing will be Dianne White (Malling U3A)  mobile telephone no: 07737101884