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Friday 22nd November @ 7.00 till 11.00 at Kings Hill Community Centre

Featuring Kent’s premier live 1960s band, dancing, table quizzes, non-alcoholic drinks & more – just £9

Who are “The Heartbeats”? One of Kent’s premier ‘Fifties / Sixties’ bands, with an exciting sound and solid instrumental backing; as already seen by several of our members. "The Heartbeats" are 5 very talented musicians aged from 62 to 74, featuring three different vocalists, singing both as individuals and in harmony. They go from strength to strength, entertaining audiences of all ages with their renditions of classic numbers; as well as a few of the less played, but instantly recognisable, tunes that are synonymous to an era of fabulous music and melody. They play extremely well, and have a very clean and happy sound - Not just (as so often one encounters), one or two boring guys doing bad Elvis covers to a backing track! We are getting a really talented live band here. They are very approachable too, and absolutely don’t have a problem if you want to sing along or dance – which you undoubtedly will…

The wearing of 60s fab gear will be welcome! Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, however you may bring your own drinks.

Please see: or watch amateur video at

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