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Philosophy SIG – a discussion group - Until further notice the Kings Hill Philosphy group is suspended due to the lack of a convener. However arrangements have been made for any Kings Hill members, who wish to, to join the Paddock Wood U3A philosphy group

PHILOSOPHY is not as hard as it sounds – it’s just another fancy word for a discussion group! We have occasionally referred to this as ‘NOT Philosophy’ for that reason! We don’t plan to touch on current affairs but consider age old topics such as Politics, Ethics, Logic, Humanity and Power. However, when we meet we just start talking around the subject – often getting side-tracked but keeping on theme where we can.

We do a bit of research between meetings, but that’s up to the individual member. We also consider the works of famous Philosophers such as Plato and Kant and small presentations are sometimes given to the group by members.

This group currently has no convener...are you interested in taking this on.