A Christmas Ditty from our chair.


Christmas Time is full of cheer

With wine and whisky, gin and beer

With friends afar and friends right here

We share this special time of year.


We carry bags that burst and break

Full of ingredients to cook and bake

And presents to wrap, and decorations to make

Or maybe diamonds that are real, or furs that are fake!


‘Tis a month of chill and frosty days

Warming hands and toes by the fireside blaze

With twinkling tree lights upon which we gaze

Singing carols and ditties and songs of praise.


The season is full of joy and fun

Giving gifts of love to everyone

Playing silly games ~ some lost, some won

And endless washing-up to be done!


So, let this Christmas be full of cheer

With wine and whisky, gin and beer

Let’s share this special time of year

With friends afar and our friends right here!


To all of you who’ve gathered here today,

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and

festive fun and frolics for the New Year.


Madam Chair ~ December 2019


The U3A have just published a really interesting analysis showing the results of an nationwide questionnaire. The findings show how members feel they have benefitted from their membership and gives some really good insights into the U3A.

To read the full report follow this link:  Learning not lonely

World U3A

Kings Hill & District U3A is now registered with the World U3A project. This gives members the opportunity to see how other U3As around the world operate and even meet up with these groups in the event that you visit that country.

Go to the LINKS page for more details.