6th February 2020 - David Barry - Actors behaving badly

David Barry - Actors behaving badly

An actor for more than sixty years, David began his career at the age of 12, working in plays with Sir Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and Paul Scofield, and played Frankie Abbott in the popular seventies sitcoms Please Sir! and Fenn Street Gang, and many other television shows and touring theatre productions. He also became a novelist in the new millennium and published eight crime novels and a children’s book

5th March 2020 - Amanda Sutherland, Film, Theatre, TV Costume Design / Creative Journey

Amanda Sutherland – My Creative Journey

An exciting journey through a career in fashion design, film, tv and and theatre costume.

Amanda created her unique business empire consisting of bridal fascinators, vintage styling and eco accessories.

Be amazed by the possibilities of using recycled materials to create stunning works of art.

2nd April 2020 - Tony Strange, The Titanic conspiracy!!

The ship that never sank! What if it was all an inside insurance job? What if the rich wanted to make money?

What if everything you have ever heard was untrue? The most thought-provoking of Tony's talks dressed in top hat and tails as a first-class survivor.

RMS Titanic was the White Star Line’s answer to the regal Mauritania and Lusitania during the golden age of transatlantic crossings. Her sister ship, Olympic, ran aground off Cornwall and that was hushed up for 75 years.

Tony’s conspiracy theory will have you Googling like mad when you get home and is a really thought-provoking talk. Despite the tragic loss of life, the talk is kept light hearted and, as with all these characterisations, Tony searches for the humour in the situation.

7th May 2020 - Annual General Meeting

4th June 2020- Melanie Gibson, Eva Braun, victim or contriver?

Melanie Gibson-Barton tells the story of the woman who devoted her life to Hitler. The material of the talk is sensitively presented in order to appeal to a wider audience.

2nd July 2020 - Chris O'Donaghue, Behind the scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show

A talk by local garden designer and author Chris O’Donoghue titled “Behind the Scenes at Chelsea”. Between 2007 and 2009 Chris received awards for designing and building three show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show. The first was inspired by the garden of a railway carriage, the second was sponsored by the charity SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) and the third was named “The Pilgrim’s Rest”. In contrast to designing his peacefully relaxing gardens Chris is also the author of the spine-chilling novels “Blood on the Tide” and “Blood on the Shrine” which are part of a series of detective novels set in the 1950s along the south coast

6th August 2020 - Andrew Buller, Life as an Author

Go behind the scenes into the life of an author and illustrator. Andrew shares his love for his work and what it takes to keep going in producing over fifty titles. He will reveal the many facets involved and some of the trade secrets too.

3rd September 2020 - Janie Ramsey, Antiques Jewels & Wardrobe of the Duchess of Windsor

Janie has previously owned an antique business but then she moved up to London to work at Sotheby’s. It was there in 1987, following the death of the Duchess, that her jewellery came up for sale reaching a then record total of $50.3 million which benefitted the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Much of the jewellery had been designed by the Duchess using previously used stones and there were many unique pieces. This talk is illustrated with slides and photos of many of the more iconic rings, bracelets & necklaces owned by the Duchess.

1st October 2020 - Meet the Conveners

This month is the opportunity for both existing members and anybody thinking of joining our U3A to find out more about the numerous activites on offer. The conveners of our interest groups will be available to tell you all about their group and encourage you to sign up.  

5th November 2020 - Ian Keable, The Century of Deception:Hoaxes in the 18th Century

One Hundred Years of Deception: Hoaxes & Swindlers in the 18th Century. ... In this entertaining talk Ian relates and illustrates sundry hoaxes and deliberate deceptions; all of which are memorable not only for the imaginative nature of the swindles, but also because of the differing motives of the tricksters

3rd December 2020 - Linda Watts, The Melodies & Memories

Linda is a warm and versatile singer whose beautiful voice will enthral and delight you. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Linda on radio, seeing her in Concert or on National Tour, here is an opportunity to join her as she recalls her many memories.

Sharing beautiful songs and timeless melodies from the worlds of Opera, Stage and Screen, Linda recalls her childhood memories and how she realised her ambitions to travel the world and become a professional singer.