There will be no speaker this month. Instead this will be your opportunity to meet the interest group conveners. Find out what is happening in the groups that appeal to you and sign up for a new group. 


Immigration judge Christopher Buckwell will explain what has to be done, the rules and regulations of appeals, bail applications and credibility: examples of excuses and reasons why the applicants believe they should be allowed to remain in the UK and finally BREXIT “all change”.


Peter gives a light-hearted account of the trials and tribulations of making a TV programme, based on his 45 years experience in the business.

3rd January 2019 – Richard Durrant – No 26 Bus to Paraguay

Guitarist and composer Richard Durrant will be bringing a south American flavour to Carlisle

The boy from Brighton tells the captivating tale of how a number 26 Brighton bus took him to Paraguay (via the Albert Hall and the Royal College of Music) and plays some of the vivid and colourful music he has discovered there, in the heart of Latin America.

His regular visits to this fascinating and magical part of the world have earned him accolades and awards whilst his concerts and recent trilogy of Paraguayan albums have uncovered the richness of guitar music being written in the region today.

7th February 2019 - Tim Moorey - The most popular activity – Crosswords

I am sure there are many of us who like to do a crossword or two. Tim is a professional crossword setter with many years’ experience. He sets puzzles for a wide range of publications, so if you a Sunday Times or Sunday Telegraph reader and have struggled with the clues this could be your lucky day.

7th March 2019– Jacqueline Aviolet - Geraniums, history and propagation

Jacqueline comes to us with over 25 years’ experience as a speaker and in the nursery trade, as well as over 20 years specialising in hardy geraniums. There will be plants for sale including some not usually available in garden centres.

4th April 2019 – Richard Griffin – My life as a personal bodyguard to HM Queen and HRH Duke of Edinburgh

Richard Griffin was, in 1981, selected to be a Personal Protection Officer and was sent to Cambridge University to protect HRH The Prince Edward. He made the most of this and gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The Open University.

In 1986 he was promoted to Chief Inspector and moved to the Household of The Duke of Edinburgh for whom he worked for 13 very enjoyable years, the highlight of which was being attacked by a giant panda whilst on a visit to China. In 1999 he became a Personal Protection Officer to Her Majesty the Queen for whom he worked for 14 years. This period was the pinnacle of his career as he travelled throughout the world with Her Majesty. In 2010 he was promoted to Superintendent and held the position known as “The Queen’s Police Officer “until he retired in April 2013 when he was honoured by being made a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, a personal decoration from Her Majesty. During his career as a Royalty Protection Officer he visited over 150 different countries.

2nd May 2019 - NO SPEAKER

There is no speaker this month as the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will take place during the meeting.

6th June 2019 – James Salter – The Mysterious Bee Hive and Honey

James Salter is a leading member  of the Yalding and District Beekeeping Association.  He will talk about the mysterious art of bee keeping and will bring an observation hive with him.  He will have some of the honey for sale

4th July 2019 - Guy Bartlett, The Iranian Embassy Siege

The SAS assault, codenamed "Operation Nimrod", was broadcast live at peak time on the 5th May 1980. It was viewed by millions of people, mostly in the UK, making it a defining moment in British history. Both the BBC and ITV interrupted their scheduled programming to show the end of the siege. Now discover the inside story of what lead up to the raid, how it almost went tragically wrong, and how it cemented the Special Air Services as one of the elite Special Forces.

1st August 2019 - Janie Ramsay – Antiques – Are they worth what we think?

Janie Ramsay takes us through her experiences in the antique trade. Janie has been many years in the trade, both owning her own shops in Tunbridge Wells and later working for a large London Auctioneers. She can give us an insight into the tricks of the trade and can talk knowledgeably about both sides of the auctioneering trade from the point of view of the sellers and the buyers. She will bring t a selection of items to be passed around the audience for valuations and opinions about their age. What are best ways to buy and how to sell and realistically what we should take into consideration when selling and buying items in an auction. Never forget the auctioneers cut and the VAT!!! Get an an insight into what is genuine, what had been restored and what was fake and how to tell the difference.