Monthly Meetings

1st August 2019 - Janie Ramsay – Antiques – Are they worth what we think?

Janie Ramsay takes us through her experiences in the antique trade. Janie has been many years in the trade, both owning her own shops in Tunbridge Wells and later working for a large London Auctioneers. She can give us an insight into the tricks of the trade and can talk knowledgeably about both sides of the auctioneering trade from the point of view of the sellers and the buyers. She will bring t a selection of items to be passed around the audience for valuations and opinions about their age. What are best ways to buy and how to sell and realistically what we should take into consideration when selling and buying items in an auction. Never forget the auctioneers cut and the VAT!!! Get an an insight into what is genuine, what had been restored and what was fake and how to tell the difference.