7th Jan 2021- Steve Roberts,Tales of Scotland Yard Detective

Tales from a Scotland Yard detective and the history of the Flying Squad is presented by Steve Roberts, a retired Metropolitan Police Officer with 35 years’ experience in policing. Steve worked in a number of specialist investigative units including the Flying Squad (Sweeney), part of the Serious and Organized Crime Command. the Flying Squad celebrated its centenary in 2018 but in January 1975, The Sweeney hit TV screens with lots of flared trousers, shouts of “Guv’nor” and an equally iconic Ford Mk2 Granada! It was fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action depicting the Squad’s relentless battle against armed robbery. Was life in the Met Police really as gritty (and fashion conscious) as it was portrayed on TV? Come along and hear what Steve has to say!

4th February 2021- Chris Hare, 40 yrs Without a proper job.

Chris Hare, a retired events manager of the South London Broadway Theatre, will give us an insight into the world of entertainment and the celebrities he worked with.

He told us stories of his times as a Theatre Manager at many different theatres and of the many comedians and musicians he came into contact with.

Chris is the son of a musician and a model who worked at Fenwicks. After playing in a jazz band at the age of 17, he then decided to join the world of show business. We wil hear anecdotes about famous people such as Norman Wisdom, Tommy Cooper, Victor Borge and Sarah Vaughan and many, many more, all of which promise to be extremely funny.

4th March 2021 - Jack Deans, Finger Prints & Murder

4th March Jack Deans - Finger Prints & Murder

Jack Deans served a 35 year career at New Scotland Yard as a Fingerprint Expert and Crime Scene Examiner. In this time he examined 120 scenes of murder, dealt with all levels of crime including terrorism. For 10 years he was the Senior Fingerprint Expert in the West End of London so dealt with offences at Royal Palaces, Government Buildings, etc. He also had dealings with the fingerprint aspect of crimes such as Lockerbie, the Marchioness Disaster and The Great Train Robbery.

1st April 2021 - Lucy Allen, Stunt Lady

Talk by professional Stunt woman and qualified Stunt Co-ordinator Lucy Allen with over 20 years’ experience in the Film and TV industries.

This talk aims to educate and inform the audience about the Stunt business, discussing what is a stunt and talking about the different and varied areas of work Stunt Performers do from Stunt Doubling to Motion Capture.

Lucy tells all about her own personal journey into Stunts, about the highs & lows of her career and shares her experiences both scary & hilarious at times, doing the job she loves.